Sunday, September 28, 2008

The internet is a pipeline straight to your bank account!

Since the advent of the Internet in the early 80's as a viable marketing tool, individuals like yourself and me have been finding ways to cash in big on the cyber marketing pipeline, and some doing so with great success.

There are many incentive programs out the for both a seller and an associate. With incentives for innovative marketing. What many do not know is allot of this wealth can be made directly from your own PC at home. Incentives that allow people to stay at home to watch the kids etc while earning a viable income, sometimes allowing at home market specialists to quit their jobs and retire in the process.

I was one such individual. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself earning twice my previous "working" salary in a very short time. There is however a "catch" to the whole process. That catch is "you have to want financial freedom AND you HAVE to work at it!" The rest is pretty easy. People tend to think that financial offers and at home opportunities just do the work themselves while you transfer money around in your accounts and spend, spend, spend. While it is TRUE you can spend more freely and not have the accompanying knots in the stomach or that guilty feeling in the back of your mind, you still HAVE to work at it!.

The good news is, work usually consists of typing, copying, pasting and entering your personal information for roughly two hours a day. What do you do with the other 22 hours left in the day? Whatever you want!

Some basic skills will help you in getting your home opportunity off to a good start. First learn how to use MS word or it's equivalent, if you can learn a bit of HTML or find a good WYSIWYG Html editor. Also, follow your instruction eBook to the letter do not try to second guess the author and say to yourself "I can do this better" because that will lead you to failure.

Most earn at home programs are sanely sold for anywhere from $17 to $50. There are higher priced ones but I generally believe that you need to be very cautious for earn at home programs over $50.00. And always read the disclaimers before buying anything to see if there are warranty/refund limitations and if you can live with them. But what you want to be cautious of are programs that have recurring charges but DO NOT list those in the opening ad. I would steer clear of these.

The tips and resources I sell, CAN help you to become financial independent if you apply what you learn into at least that 2 hour a day philosophy. Also, some sites will attempt to sell you additional resources after your initial purchase in order to promote yourself. These can be done free if you do a bit of searching or you can take advantage of that service and let someone else do it for you.

I look forward to more time with my grandchildren and with my wife most of all. Invest wisely and see you soon.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The things you've always wanted but....

I love riding my motorcycle on warm Arizona evenings. There's nothing quite like a warm but not hot desert breeze when a million stars are out in the night sky. All you hear is the far off chirp of crickets and the deep rumble of the Harley beneath you as you throttle through the curves of the red rock canyons of Sedona.

A few years back I didn't ever think I would be able to enjoy that type of leisure time to myself or share it with my wife but, Now things are looking much different. Years ago I found myself like many other people stuck in a job with an OK but just OK paycheck. Able to make the bills and pay the mortgage but that's about it.

Change came when I started researching the different opportunities available for work at home, retire early programs out there on the net. Truthfully, I found allot of them were scams and empty promises with some loud mouth sales person on the other end using strong arm tactics on me. Most of them I told to p__s off!

Among those scams though I did come across quite a few situations either no money up front, or a small payment with none recurring costs which made sense. Not because of a car salesmen type kid but because with research I found the ideas were sound. Most of these programs I found don't make promises of overnight super wealth, they are pretty straight forward about at least having to do some leg work. I appreciated that and then looked over their material and the ones that had a sound foundation I tried.

Much to my satisfaction that little effort I put into looking them over turned into profit for me in the end.

I now have the time to do these things more often and I do not follow someone else's time schedule. I make my own rules. You can do that as well. In fact if you really apply yourself you can do even better!

How about an extra 1k or 2k a month on top of the paycheck? Or how about shooting for 2 years and retirement? Maybe there's a sweet looking Mustang GT you've had your eye on or that fully loaded Harley like mine in the photo? These things are possible with someone to share those secrets of investment with you, where you should start and what options you have out there. I'm here to give you that by offering you material, and products as well as offers from others that allow you in most circumstances to work from home on your own PC or locally in your area. Sound Good? If you think so then check out the frequent offers I'll post here and you could be more relaxed too!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Retire Early!

Your probably like millions of other people? working for someone else in a dog eat dog corporate world. Maybe your in a nice office with air conditioning, and a big oak desk or maybe your wearing a hardhat with a shovel in your hand. There are thousands even millions of people just like you.

Another similarity between the rest and yourself is that your putting the majority of the money for your labor and effort into someone Else's pocket. Either the owner of the company, share holders, or some other entity that is the bearer of the pocket. What your sent home with is a minuscule percentage of the pie which may keep the food on the table and the bills paid but unless your lucky and make extremely good wages, you won't have allot left over for yourself to enjoy now or later when you need it.

I've been researching programs and services on the Internet for a few years now and through trial and error at my expense I've narrowed out some of the best deals for making money at home, strategy guides, real estate income, adsense and a few other niches in the marketing world that are often overlooked. I won't say I have actually tried every product I endorse but what I have done is researched the results of using these products from people like us.

I always thought I would be 67 and have to wait for Uncle Sam's check in the mail box every month. Although I dreamed that my wife and I could travel the world, spend more time with the Grand kids and watch them grow up and other things, I always had the doubt I would even be able to stop working well into my 70's. What a way to go through life? Like an ant in an ant colony, working ALL your life and then....well you know?

I'm actually seeing a light at the end of the tunnel now. I'm not rich! But I am noticing my income double and getting better every month through my efforts. I'm going to help you too, I'm going to point you in the right direction and give you options and tools to help you succeed and perhaps even retire NOW or whenever you wish. Some people love to work which is OK this can also help them by lifting the stress off of your shoulders and giving your wages a much needed boost. I'll post opportunities here from time to time please DO check them out it may be your ticket to your dream life!

Thank You

Ange B.

Here's your first step in the right direction. This no-nonsense eBook delivers information and material to you which can help make you financially independent. It doesn't promise you instant riches be prepared to do some leg work but I assure you much less than your doing now and following this guide you can become much more finacially solvent.

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